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Vikram Parmar

Vikram Parmar with Narendra Modi in background

Vikram Parmar

Managing Director


Expertise: Strategy

Experience: 21years

Personal Experience

Journey is defined by a fusion of passion for badminton and a deep love for technology, seamlessly blended with my marketing expertise to craft extraordinary brand experiences that resonate with target audiences.

Within his versatile skill set, you’ll find a myriad of disciplines, ranging from strategic marketing and event management to the fine arts of planning and forecasting. He possess an innate understanding of creatives, content, and social media, enabling me to weave compelling brand narratives that capture and engage hearts and minds.

Throughout his career, he have left an indelible mark by designing and executing globally-scaled events and activations, consistently infusing cutting-edge technologies into his strategies, designs, and processes. He have always been an early adopter, a trait exemplified when he conceptualized a groundbreaking paperless event nearly a decade ago, a pioneering move that redefined technology’s boundaries in the Indian market.

His portfolio proudly boasts collaborations with renowned global brands, including HAL, CBI, HP, Nokia, Canon, Pepsi, Amway, ICC, and Vivo, where he has earned a reputation as a trusted partner. His track record is embellished with notable achievements, including a shortlist at the esteemed Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2011.

Having occupied esteemed positions within prestigious marketing communications organizations in India, as the Managing Director of Myoozz Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a role through which he continue to shape the industry’s landscape and contribute to society at large.


An accomplished brand management professional with more than two decades of experience in the dynamic world of marketing.

Vikram Singh Parmar, as the Managing Director of Myoozz Consulting, possesses a diverse skill set, including:

1. Client-Centric Approach: Vikram is adept at immersing himself in the client’s world, gaining a profound understanding of their needs, challenges, and mindset to deliver tailored solutions.
2. Networking and Partnerships: He has successfully established valuable connections and partnerships that elevate the services offered by Myoozz Consulting, providing cost-effective yet expert-level marketing communication solutions.
3. Diverse Project Experience: Over the past five years, Vikram has worked with a wide array of clients, offering a range of services. This diverse experience has provided him with invaluable insights and knowledge.
4. Industry Expert Collaboration: Vikram has built a network of industry experts and specialists who collaborate, strategize, and execute projects, from high-profile events to large-scale marketing campaigns.
5. Adaptability: He tailors his approach to each project’s unique requirements, ensuring that services are deployed effectively.
6. Social Responsibility: Vikram’s ultimate aim is to support NGOs and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in enhancing their marketing capabilities, helping them differentiate themselves in their respective industries.
7. Global Perspective: He aspires to make a global impact by applying his skills and expertise to support clients not only within India but also on a global scale.

His role as Managing Director is characterized by his client-focused approach, a broad network of industry connections, adaptability, and a commitment to supporting NGOs and MSMEs in their marketing endeavors.

Education & Experience

IIM Lucknow – Alumunus

Vikram, a distinguished alumnus of IIM Lucknow, schooling from the picturesque city of Bhimtal in Uttarakhand, but his roots are back to the vibrant city of nawabs “Lucknow”. He has graduated from Lucknow University and is a Bachelor of Management Studies.

In the dynamic realm of marketing, where change is the only constant, Vikram believes in the power of continuous learning, an art that involves both acquiring new knowledge and unlearning outdated practices. He remains a devoted student at heart, despite boasting decades of industry experience.

With a treasure trove of experience, Vikram is on an unwavering quest for knowledge. He immerses himself in lectures and virtual classes, catering to students and seasoned marketing professionals alike. These enlightening sessions encompass a broad spectrum of marketing facets, including the ever-evolving domains of digital marketing, social media strategy, and the intricate art of event management.

In the grand tapestry of marketing’s evolution, Vikram is not just a seasoned professional; he is a relentless learner, dedicated to sharing the wisdom acquired through his journey. Dive into a world where knowledge knows no boundaries, and innovation is the only way forward.
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